About Inherit

And a Little About Me

A young farmer and family man in the Texas Panhandle must fight the long drought of the 1930s as it ravishes the land he loves--and solve a long-suppressed mystery triggered by the return of a Comanche, his former friend. Willy Gil Kellogg finds himself caught between promises he made his grandfather and tough truths about farming methods and prejudice--issues Gramps never faced. A family saga, INHERIT THE TEXAS EARTH is historical fiction as it was really lived.

Because my roots are firmly planted in the Texas Panhandle, and because I have loved history since taking Mrs. Crossett's American history class in the eleventh grade, INHERIT THE TEXAS EARTH was the novel I had to write. It is set in Dalhart, Texas, where my mother was born. While researching the Dust Bowl era, I remembered hearing my grandmother mention some of the names I ran across. Although I kept wishing for a seance with her, she was having none of it.

Since writing my first novel, my husband and I have become custodial grandparents. We are among the 2.5 million documented grandparents rearing grandchildren. There are, of course, many situation like ours that are not documented, other relatives  rearing children not their biological offspring, and foster parents.

My current writing focus is on these families.