Some of my favorite pictures of the Panhandle
A Little About Me

Because my roots are firmly planted in the Texas Panhandle, and because I have loved history since taking Mrs. Crossett's American history class in the eleventh grade, Inherit the Texas Earth was the first novel I had to write. It is set in Dalhart, Texas, where my mother was born. While researching the Dust Bowl era, I remembered hearing my grandmother mention some of the names I ran across. Although I kept wishing for a seance with her, she was having none of it.



After I wrote Inherit, I planned to write two more books about the Paige family--one set in WWII and one in the 1960s. However, I was having trouble getting the WWII novel to work, so I switched gears.

As a former teacher, parent, and grandparent, I am concerned about the welfare of children. My next book, Dary Dragon Can't Go Home, was a result of that concern. I followed it with On Nana's Shoulders, another book about the welfare of a child. It wasn't until it was finished that I realized it could be the fourth book in my trilogy-no-more.

And I have finally started the sequel to Inherit. The one I thought would be available several years ago. It will still be a while. Stayed tuned through my monthly newsletter.

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