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On Fighting Loneliness

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I don’t like some of their policies, but I love the fact that I can stay in touch with friends.

My husband and I are both in that high-risk group, so we are staying inside and wearing masks when anyone comes to the door. That feels so rude. Now, I love my husband, but he sure can get on my nerves. (I’m sure the reverse is true.) We are lucky. We have somebody to talk to.

So, I’ve been thinking about what each of us can do to stay positive and help someone else do the same. Cheerful music always perks me up. And I have a list of books I want to read. Walking helps me. Fresh air and exercise are always a positive—unless, of course, the wind is blowing dirt like crazy, which it does occasionally in the Texas Panhandle. On those days, I wish I hadn’t given away my treadmill. How about stretching, balancing, bending, rolling shoulders and neck?

Remember the telephone? For calls, not texts. I called a friend a would have been drinking a glass of wine with had we both not chosen to take a break from socializing. We ended up depressing each other. That’s not what I intended. Next time I make a call, I’ll have thought through some interesting topics of conversation before I dial.


My husband’s cousin, Darla Briggs, sent me a friend request. We met once several years ago. I liked her, but our time together was short. I’m hoping we’ll use this time to get to know each other a bit better. Thanks, Darla.

It’s spring. I’m not much of a gardener, but I do have weeds that need attention. It will keep me busy and get me outside.

My granddaughter showed me how to use a paint program on the internet. I’m not an artist, but that was fun. I'm also a fan of Solitaire and board games.

I will be working on my next novel. I’ll have lots of time. Maybe this is a good time to start a journal or send a hand-written letter to someone you love. Won’t that be a surprise?


There's a task I've been putting off—going through pictures in family albums and separating what I want to keep from pictures of people I've never seen. Maybe I’ll finally get that done.

Does you closet need cleaning out? There is likely someone who would love to have the clothes you no longer wear.

Pick up that hobby you’ve been saying for years you really would like to do, or learn something new. Great Courses is a good way to do that. And I checked out mantis shrimp on a YouTube video this morning. They're fascinating!

Stay safe, follow recommendations of health professionals, and contact someone you love.

Let’s gather and celebrate when this virus is conquered. It will be. In the meantime, send me your suggestions.