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As a former teacher, I know how valuable your time is, so, in an effort to save you some, I have made a few suggestions of questions and activities that might be helpful as you teach important concepts using Lungs of the Earth. Just click on the this icon below, and the activity book will download. The suggestions are organized in two ways--by chapter and by skill. The following skills are included:



Comparing and contrasting


Big idea/detail


Imagery and Figurative language


I have not made a separate section for making connections, but there is plenty of opportunity for students to make connections with their own family and friends, with science instruction, and with books or films they may have read or seen.

Since I assume you don't have four months to spend on one text, I have not included every occurrence of every skill. This is a sampling. There is also plenty of extra space in the download for you to add you own questions and activities.

If you find these ideas helpful, feel free to use and share them.


Thank you for reading Lungs of the Earth.


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