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Finally! a picture book for the youngest victims of the opioid epidemic--and other addictions.

Dary Dragon can't go home because, like many young children, his mommy and daddy put something bad in their bodies. Granny explains the situation in a loving, easy to understand way.


This book is dedicated to children who need to understand why they can't go home, that they are not alone, and that they can be happy.

Dary Dragon Can't Go Home is available at all online retailers.

Dary and Friends

Aveena Schoen created the drawings for Dary Dragon Can't Go Home when she was eight years old. In addition to drawing, she loves soccer and animals. She is also an honor student. Her career goal is to be a jet pilot. 

Update. Aveena is now thirteen and wants to be a fashion designer.


“Dary Dragon Can’t Go Home by author Vicki Schoen is an honest and sensitive look at the opioid crisis in the United States and the significant impact it has on the children of addicts. It is particularly useful for grandparents and other non-parental custodial caretakers who must not only offer physical support for affected children, but also strive to protect their emotional stability and well-being. This is a must-have tool for teachers, counselors, and all other adults who provide support for children who have been removed from the care of their biological parents.” Kathie Campbell Greer, MA Counseling; custodial grandmother








When asked if he thought there was a need for this book, Amarillo attorney Mike More responded, “Dozens of attorneys in the Texas Panhandle and thousands of attorneys in Texas and nationwide are deeply involved with the foster care system. Due to drug use and other misbehavior by parents, many innocent children cannot be safe when they are with their parents. Thank God for grandparents and other foster parents who step up to fill this need and protect those babies.”

“I absolutely love the book and illustrations and as soon as I know how many Megan needs for her school I'll order them”  Mother of an elementary school teacher

“I love Granny’s simple explanation of Dary’s situation—perfect for young children.” Susan Kitchens, Quality Assurance and Standards Compliance, Texas Panhandle Centers (serving disabled children and adults)

"This is a delightful little book that would be helpful to any young child in foster care.  I think it would be helpful for a child to receive this as he/she goes into foster care to help anticipate the uncomfortable feelings he/she is likely to experience.  I have given my copy to a young foster child.” Jeanette Springer, CASA volunteer

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