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For Inherit the Texas Earth

". . . a beautiful, colloquial story of the Texas Panhandle in its most historically significant era. These are the Grapes of Wrath folks who stayed, . . . . The narrative is stunning in its detail, expertly crafted by a remarkable writer." Harry Haines, National Book Award winner

"The writing is so well done, so engaging, so riveting that I kept hoping for even one more paragraph. Written by a truly talented professional." Carol Thompson for Ink and Insights

"Any reader who appreciates fully developed characters will be enthralled." Mary Kay Wells, Library System Administrator

"So populated with vivid characters and plenty of action that it doesn't remain in the historical genre." Janda Raker

" An important message for our times, and the mystery, romance, and down-to-earth survival struggle make it a page turner." Ann Warnecke, book reviewer retired, Amarillo Globe News

"I can't recommend this book highly enough. Very entertaining and extremely well researched." Larry Campbell

"A beautiful story about people facing impossible odds. Loved it all...the writing...the characters...the story." A reader from Texas

"Vicki Schoen is a good story teller. She had me on the first page. Living in the area, near where the story was set, it was fun reading about places I know. I have friends who lived through the Dust Bowl. It enlivened my knowledge of that era. The characters were well developed and she had a great sense of time and place. All in all, an excellent book. Put it on your must read list." Nina Stein

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