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". . . well paced and displays Schoen's skill at character development. Her characters experience a range of emotions--from anger to joy, disappointment to unconditional love--and demonstrate faults, quirks and, in some cases, the ability to learn from their mistakes.

Schoen injects a surprising plot twist as struggles ensue over Logan's custody. This, and the whodunit element of Debra's search to prove her son's innocence, combined with an engaging cast, makes for a compelling read."

BlueInk Review

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"filled with notions of love, forgiveness, family, and vulnerability. It is effortless for the reader to bond with the character since they were relatable . . . had a steady pace to it and was written with care. As a female protagonist, the author created a plausible yet very vulnerable character that matures as the story went along.

I recommend this book to people who like a family saga, fiction, and stories that touch your heart."

S.J. Main


"I was literally unable to put the book down as Debra tries to create stability and the best possible future for both Nick and Logan!

The emotions these vivid characters reveal make this story one that readers can relate to. Debra is not perfect; she is vulnerable, fallible, human, but she has become a woman who can do what must be done.

Vicki Schoen has created characters and a story that will squeeze your heart and keep you reading!"

Rabid Reader


After reading and enjoying Vicki Schoen's first novel, Inherit the Texas Earth, I was anxious to see what her next story would be. She does not disappoint. As in her first novel, Ms Schoen excels at character development. The reader is pulled in emotionally to all the characters as their bad as well as good traits are explored. These are people to which we can relate as they struggle with relationships and finding themselves. The plot has some exciting twists and keeps the reader's attention as one wants to know what will happen next.


Nancy Wittman

". . . so unbelievably relatable. Honestly, there were many points where I stopped and asked myself if this was non-fiction, instead of fiction. Debra absolutely could be any woman out there . . .Vicki Schoen has crafted a wonderful story that flows beautifully and will make you not want to set it down.


The emotions. . . seem to leap off the page and stay with you. I found myself rooting for Debra and saying friendly comforts a few times out loud as I read. . . . to me, it’s the mark of a fantastic book that can do that. So, if you are looking to invest time in a great story, feel real emotions and be entertained, pick up On Nana's Shoulders by Vicki Schoen. It is a great read, . . . worth every moment you spend with the characters."

Katheryn Bennett for Readers' Favorite

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