Hi and welcome to my website,

Thanks for checking this out.

So, what’s a street team? It’s a group of readers who help me launch my novel. As part of the team, you will receive a free copy of the book, a short selection called Debra’s Story about the protagonist’s background and what happens after Nana ends, and my monthly newsletter (from which you can unsubscribe).

What does a street team do? They read the book, post an honest review to four sites, and share at least one of my Facebook posts about the book. I will send you links to the sites. You can post the same review, which doesn’t have to be long, on all the sites. A simple review might have 1-3 lines about the plot and 1-3 lines about your reaction to the novel. You can check out some excerpts under the tab for Inherit the Texas Earth. (Of course, I selected the best parts to post here.)

To give you a better idea of whether or not you would like to participate, you can look at the other tabs under On Nana’s Shoulders. There you will find my review from Readers’ Favorite, the first chapter, and a conversation among the characters about the title—which was changed several times.

You’re a slow reader? Me too. Here’s our time frame.

The book goes on sale May 6. I would like your reviews posted as close to that date as possible. I will message you on Facebook when I have a post you can share about the book.

If you think Nana might be something you would like to read, just send me your email address by using the button below, and I will send you a link to download an advanced copy. The link will be good for ten days. Here are a couple of tips I have learned about downloading from this site. It is a little different than Amazon. First, don't make my mistake and try to download a copy for your e-Reader from your desktop. Open the email in the device you want to read on and follow the steps. They are all there. It will take a couple of clicks. If you have a problem, hit the help button.

When you have posted your reviews, message me, and I will send you Debra’s Story as a thank-you gift.

Your newsletters will arrive the third Thursday of every month beginning in May. They will contain some or all of the following—tidbits about research I’m doing for my next novel set in WWII, characters, events, links to non-fiction articles about subjects I fictionalize, answers to readers’ questions—including yours, reviews, and notification when the next book is launched.

Thank you for considering participating with me in this adventure.


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